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I hate that word, trust me. But this can hardly be described without utilising it. You made a great effort on all fronts: Scriptwriting, drawing style, animation, voiceacting. The only minor fault I could see is the inexplainability of the events (cut wire, noone there after knocking) but ultimately you did it to build up the atmosphere so that I can get over it. Otherwise no complaints.

I won't go into detail with my praise. I'll just mention two things I liked particularly:
1. Using different lineart colours like blue for instance
2. The gradation

Let me end this way - you sir are a god. Nuff said.

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Clappity clap

I loved it. Was short but had a point and the visuals were very well done. The animation could perhaps use a bit more fps but that said I couldn't do better, obviously. Way to go!


This was a very nice rendition of one of the few battles that still had some style in DBZ. I absolutely adored the characters (did you make them yourself?) but disliked something the pixels in the background, looked kinda weird to me but for example the scene where the rock broke apart after the crash was beautiful. The music was fitting as well. Overall a very solid work, visually stunning with a very fluid animation.

FoxFactor responds:

Thanks man, i don't make this sprites.

Oh c'mon

A stickman film shouldn' be so hard to make. Your presentation style is rather weak with a lot of text just flashing on the screen for an extremely short period of time. I also found the scene sequences to be generally very confusing. My main point is the continuity, you should be able to see the transitions from one scene to another. I wasn't able to do so in this case.

The other major complaint is the art style. Stick figures are basically the most basic form of a character. I respect that not everyone is an artist (hell I'm not one myself) but give it a bit more time, make the lines smoother, try making longer, more continuous pieces of animation so that the appeal goes up.

Sorry for the critique but it wasn't a particularly good piece of animation. O bet you can do better than this!

Manmancarlwaa responds:

Actually The Lack Of Smoothing Was Purposely Done As It Gives A Unique Tone And Odd Look.
And Yeah, This IS My Second Animation With Flash Ever And It's Kinda Harder Than The Programs I'm Used To. I'm Really Used To Animating With This Particular Layering Style At Such FPS. It's Much Harder Than My WMM And Pivot Videos For YouTube. But Either Way A Little Of This Was A Little Criticism With No Pluses. I Asked For Constructive Criticism But Thanks Anyways :D

Rather OK

Nothing spectacular but I like the fact that you tried something more abstract than what you usually get. You seem to have enough talent to do better than this though. So throw up a concept (even abstract animations can have some) and spend some time on the animation. Looking forward to it.

F-Ninja responds:

Thanks. I'm brainstorming some stuff right now, hopefully something interesting will come up.


Wow. I have absolutely no idea what's going on. You should spend some time with storyboarding or at least make an effort to establish continuity between the scenes. If I hadn't seen DBZ I'd think it's some experimental abstract art.

Keep trying though. Noone was born as a flash god. Practice makes perfect.

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Clap clap

You don't see people making so much fbf effort every day. The topic is a bit cheesy but you managed to stay fresh, give it a proper length and make it actually thrilling. I bow before you, master.

I like the idea

Your visual style and your representation of the jokes (inflating breasts, comparison with what I presume is yourself) is very neat. The lip sync was a bit off but that's somewhat hard to do. My main point of critique would be the noise when you speak. It's rather important to have a clean recording when your main asset for the flash is your commentary.

On another note: I tried listening to his music and just for the heck of it and it's the usual love crap with tons of sweetness dripping of it. Except the guy doesn't even write it himself. For which I have very little respect as you might guess. For me art is something where you at least make an effort to create something. That puts poor Justin to the lowest category in my eyes.

Anyway, to sum it up... You have some fairly good skills and ideas. The mistakes you make are easily avoidable. I'm fond of your style and looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Cheers.


This has some potential. Although the animations wre a bit shabby tbh with a lot of tweens and primitive-looking figures you were kinda able to build up an atmosphere. Although it was quite short. Another downpoint was the "monster" - a rat or whatever. You shouldd've at least animated it closing it's mouth. It looked rather retarded than scary this way. The voice-acting was nice, nothing too great but not bad either. On the other hand liked the idea with the one scissor blade, I think it's rather fresh.

To sum it up: Put more work into the animation next time, try to do some fbf (I know it's tedious but it pays off) and make it slightly longer. As stated in the beginning, I think you have potential. The question is whether you tap it or not. Sorry if I offended you. I tried to be as constructive as I could.

A great parody

Hell... this is good. I'm from Slovakia but I occasionally watch CT and I must say that this particular animation has been bothering me since i was a kid. I mean... its kinda disturbing with the creepy voice and the whole atmosphere. So I was really amused when I saw this little flash. A job well done, I must say!
On the other hand I can't see many people enjoying this as its a parody of a mere locally know phenomenon. Anyways, I really wish for it to stay here...

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